Hold Qi up Turku [2005-09-03]

Twentyeight participants met up in Cathedral school in Åbo for the September course in Hold Qi Up. There were ten beginners and they had good support from the teachers and the more experienced students whereof eight had participated in summer courses.

A curiosity; three generations of a family participated in this course. Even the oldest of them (78 and 77 years old) could participate with good benefit.

Some voices from the participants:

The difference between the first hour and the last hour of this course is huge. During the first hour my head was spinning and I felt sick. I was wondering how I'd be able to stand up the whole course. After just a few hours it felt better and now I can even put my hands on my feet with my eyes closed. I feel the way the teaching was planned with many repetitions was good.

I think I did pretty well for my age. I'm 77.

This is my fourth basic course. I feel calmer and more stress tolerant. I used to have problems with my knees, but that's almost completely disappeared now.

Regular practicing keeps my migraine away. I have practiced since 1998 and I have not had a migraine attack in six years.

I practice, but not regularly. In 1995, I had my elbow crushed in an accident. Doctors told me that I would always have pain for the rest of my life, but after the first Qigong course I got rid of the pain.

I go to courses as often as I can. I get a good step upwards after each course. This past week I've had a flu and lumbago. Now I have no pain in my back at all. It's amazing how much more flexible body you can get in just two days.


Arne Nordgren