Summer Course 1 HQU Kvänum [2005-06-27]

A total of close to 300 people participated in the two nine day courses we arranged in Kvänum in Västergötland, Sweden this summer. 175 of these participated in the basic level course, level 1. A mix of beginners and repeating participants lived together, trained toghether and socialized during nine days. Our head teacher, Su Dongye, shared his wisdom and knowledge in a number of highly appreciated lectures. The participants came mainly from Norway, Finland and Sweden, but we were happy to also welcome participants from the Netherlands and Great Britain.

Many of the participants tell us how much they've enjoyed the nine days of the course. Here are some comments, selected among the course evaluation forms that all participants fill out:

Group picture from the summercourse level 1 2005

"I like it here and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

"I'm very, very happy with the course."

"I feel good, relaxed and my confidence in Qigong and in myself have increased. Thank you for a very good course!"

"I want to put it very simply, I feel better now than I did nine days ago, much better."

"My frozen ankle has opened up and I can squat down and it feels very comfortable. All the joy you all spread I will take with me home and share with my family and friends. Thank you!"

Outdoor training

Many tell of physical and mental improvements:

"I have gained more flexibility in my back and hips and my frozen right shoulder is much better."

"I've had a distinct feeling of Qi all the time and in my entire body. This is the first time that I've had this experience. It's still working with some parts of my body. I haven't needed my glasses at all during the course."

"I've had cancer and they took some of my lymph glands last year -- that was the latest thing. But I've had a lot of other problems too, like sciatic pain in my lower back. I've had that since I was 25, on and off. After last year's surgery I felt like a hay sack. I've had pain in my entire body and felt stiff. A few nights ago I felt like a puma, I'm much softer and I have no pain."

"My joints are a bit softer now. I can stretch my arms better and keep them straight."

"My need for sleep has decreased from 8 to 5 hours. I've felt an enormous support from my fellow course participants. I'm very grateful for the gift of being at this summer course."

"It was good to have lectures between practice. Su Dongyue's words went straight to my soul, body and heart."

"I had trigeminal neuralgia due to injury caused by medical treatment 20 years ago. That is gone now."

"I'm starting to understand what Qigong is. It's great to be this calm. On top of that, my shoulder is much better. I'll be back again next year."

"My stomach is clearly better. When I came here I could hardly eat and felt very stressed during meals and swollen afterwards. I've opened up in my shoulders and body in a dramatical way."

"From a historical perspective, Qigong has given me so much. I've gone from 2.5 years of sick leave to working 75 %. During the course I've had a different feeling of Qi and I've also been able to see Qi on and around my hands."

"My stomach is much better and my mood is perfect again."

"I haven't had to take the allergy pills that I normally need."

"Qigong helps me a lot with my sugar addiction! It gives me the power and Gung Fu to resist candy, cookies etc. I'm the only one of my 20 fellow patients at the treatment center that still manages to abstain from sugar, wheat, flour and alcohol. I'm also the only one who practices Qigong..."

"My neck is completely cured and my shoulders are much better. I'm sure that I will not need to have surgery on my left shoulder now."

"My knee, which was hurt many years ago and on which I have had surgery, was adjusted during a lecture and suddenly I could stand evenly on both feet."

"During the lecture of the first course day a bruise on my leg disappeared. It was just gone!"

Many participants have achieved great results and many of these will be published as personal stories, found under "Results" here on our home page. On the course evaluation form, our participants are asked to evaluate their health before and after the course. Based on the received answers we collect statistics that e.g. show that 81% of the participants with stress related problems felt less stressed. Of the participants suffering from depression or melancholy, 64 % felt less depressed or completely well after the course.


Su Dongyue