Summer Course 2 HQU Kvänum [2005-07-06]

Totally around 300 persons participated at our summer courses this summer, on the second level a littls more than 100 participated.

The participants on the summer course level 2 2005

It was a warm course, both temprature wise and socially. The course gathered old and new friends with a lot of different personalities in different ages that all the same had some goals and concerns in common. This created a pleasant atmosphere with a lot of smiles and the participants had a convivial time together. The participants could share the experiences from many others and make a common effort to improve their health and Gung Fu. A lot of them felt inspired and charged about practicing at home after the summercourses.

During the course several lectures were given and they were appreciated. Even participants that repeated the course found that their understanding of the philosophy increased. They felt that the philosophy was very useful to improve the quality of life.

Summer in Kvänum

From the participants own comments

"This is my seventh summercourse. Seven years ago my aorta was destroyed and I had an acute operation. I almost died. I also got to know that I have a serious disease in my body. After that I tried to live as before and I didn't want to realise what had happened. I was also told that I have a disease that afects the connective tissue. This disease also made me get problems with my neck and back (scoliosis). A short time after the heart surgery i started practicing Qigong, ant it has helped me a lot. I'm much stronger today but I've been scared to death. The feeling of almost dying has been stacked in me. Suddenly my body has realised that it shouldn't fight. It should just relax and let things happen. In the afternoon on the eleventh of june i got a stron feeling of Qi when practicing La Qi, and suddenly a wave went through my body. I became very relaxed in the small of the back and then my legs started to move. After that I could stand like never before, straight as an arrow and I felt about 1 meter taller. I really am taller now, and my back is much straighter. All the time I've had a feeling that it could happen but I always faught against it. My problem with my neck that I've had since I was a child is also much better now. I'm very happy about that. Thank you for the course, the spirit and all the happy smiles."

"This is my second summercourse. The first time I do step two. When I first begun to practice I was in a very bad shape. Small things, like going to bed or to get up in the morning was very hard for me, things that are normal and easy for the rest of you. I was very sceptical about Qigong but my cousin convinced me to try. Now I can put my hands together over my head. I can get up and go to bed without pain. I used to be very sensitive to light but I realised today that I haven't used my glazes during the course, except when I've been reading. And my nails have grown. I can't stop admiring them."

"One difference is that I didn't feel sad about it. One morning I woke up and I felt new, I felt like a whole person. In my life I've had a long period of using both drugs and alcohol and the feeling was a new experience to me, a feeling of how things should be. It has been good to help doing things. I'm very pleased."

The participants spent some time together in the evening

"Before I came here I couldn't even spell Qigong. I had never tried before and I got here thanks to one of my friends. It has been a success. I was supposed to stay 9 days but I ended up staying both courses. I've enjoyed every day and I've been happy. I'm usually happy but here the happiness has increased. A lot of things have happened. My body is a bit skew but it's getting more straight. During one armtraining something happened in one of my lungs that was punctured some years ago. The most important thing is that I feel calmer. Normally I have a stressful life but I think I've learned to handle stress better now. It feels great to get a feeling of qi. The feeling has become stronger and stronger. I've also met so many nice people here, so many brave persons that have suffered a lot. When I hear their stories I can barely believe it's the same persons. Everybody has so much power and happiness. There's a big risk that I´ll come back. I'm going home to Stockholm with a big smile and it won't disappear. Thanks to everybody."

"My arms and my toes have creaked. My body is much softer now. I also noticed that my skin is not as dry and itchy as it used to be at home when I shower a lot. It doesn't happen really big things with me. Instead things happen gradually. I'm really glad I stayed for 18 days. Thanks."

"It feels as if I'm more focused, so that every lecture and all that's said has been assimilated much more. I managed Dun Qiang well, it was kind of easy, and I have no pain at the moment. All the emotional ups and downs have passed and I feel fine, so I hope that I'll succeed in doing more training at home now, and that the feeling I've got now will remain. Thank you very much all you leaders and the whole organization. It was great."

"I get so very much energy from being here and it was great. I feel highly motivated to practise and I agree with Lotta about the fact that it was an incredibly exciting day being in the kitchen. I was there on the day off, and everything that happens out around the world, happens in one day in the kitchen and one gets exactly everything one needs to be tested by. That's incredibly exciting on a mental level."

"A lot of things happen all the time with me but I would like to tell you about my daughter. I guess you heard her scream during the cabaret. She fell down from a chair, straight to the stone floor, with her face and nose. I thought she broke the bone in her nose and she had a big mark in her face. I thought, ok concussion and a broken nose – no summercourse for me. My mother tought the same thing when she saw her. My mother works as a nurse in a hospital and she has seen a lot of those injuries. A lot of people came by and helped us with their Qi. Today I can not even see a mark after the accident. The night after she fell asleep and slept very hard. When she woke up she behaved as if nothing had happened. That was very interesting. She hasn't even participated in the course. She has just been in the qifeld. She is a great model of how fast things could happen even for me if I had been more like a child, not that complicated, with so much pollution in my mind."

"I've been here 18 days. A lot of things have happened in my mind this course. I'm more motivated now. I don't consider myself a patient anymore, I'm rather a Qigong-lover. That has opened my eyes and made me notice things around me, other people, instead of just focus on my problems and myself as I've done before. Many people here are so brave. They are dealing with their problems instead of just complaining. I like that. People are working on themselves to get better instead of complaining. That's wonderful."


The statistics from this years questionnnaire shows a lot of different improvements, the clearest improvement was found on stress where a little more than 73% felt an improvement.


Su Dongyue