HQU 2 Gothenburg [2005-05-07]

On Hold Qi Up Level 2 you get help with deeper relaxation and to concentrate more on the exercises, and as usual, this made time seem to pass very quickly during the training. The participants discovered new things in the familiar exercise Hold Qi Up, and they relished the opportunity to do a lot of training together in the Qi field during the whole weekend.

Below are some comments by the participants after the course:

"You get so calm and focused. I notice a great difference if I don't practise as compared to when I practise. If I don't practise the evening before, then I get very tired in the following morning. If I do practise, I get very energetic".

"I'm going through rehabilitation from the burn-out syndrome. This weekend it was a good thing to get some guidance on how you can think. I easily get caught up in an upward spiral of mental stress, so that my brain starts racing".

"I like the 2:nd Level because there's so much training, and that's nice. And I can feel it working deeper and deeper every time. And my body gets a little more supple, especially when I bend down to put my hands on my feet".

"I get such a lot of energy, and Qigong makes me happier. Today I managed to reach down to put my hands on my feet for the first time! My legs are so long that it's difficult for me to get down, but today I managed to do that".


Patrik Rastija