Hold Qi up Bollnäs [2005-04-16]

There is a continuing great interest in Zhineng Qigong in Bollnäs and its surroundings. Most people who have joined courses with us continue to practise, either alone at home or, in many cases, practise in the training groups which we arrange in the area. To many it comes natural to repeat basic courses since they realize the importance of joining the strong Qi field.

In the weekend of 16 to 17 April it was again time for a basic course in the city. There were nearly 30 people, with several beginners who became interested after attending some introductions that we held at their work, at the Bollnäs local authorities.

Some of the participants' comments:

"On each course there's something new that you understand about Qigong. I can feel how important the Qi field is. I had pain in my chest and yesterday it said "click" and the pain disappeared. I have also gained a stronger feeling of Qi."

"I got energy yesterday and in the evening I changed tyres on my car. Today I feel calm and harmonious."

"Yesterday when I walked home I felt that my body was straight – that was nice!"

"I feel great about having learned a method with which I can dissolve stressful points myself, without having to rely on a masseur or a acupuncturist. My feet are hot."

"I've gone through a long period of depression and the burn-out syndrome. I feel that Qigong does me a lot of good. It affects my depression in a positive way."


Lars Hagner