Hold Qi up Vasa [2005-04-16]

The first Zhineng Qigong course in the Finnish Österbotten was kept in a spring light Sundom, about 6 km outside Vasa. There were not so many participants, but atmosphere was good and everybody eager to learn.

Sundom 2005 April course

Some voices from the first time participants:

I have got asthmatic problems but after practising on Saturday, breathing was much easier on Sunday.

Normally my legs and feet are very cold but Saturday night my feet and legs were so warm that I had to take off my stockings.

Normally I have difficulties to relax, but now I am so relaxed that I feel like I have almost been drinking.

Since I was 6 years old, I have now and then felt a pressure in my forehead. No medical doctor has been able to explain my problem, but if I press my forehead with my fingers, the pressure normally disappears. Already during the first hour in Saturday, the pressure appeared. After some rest, pressure disappeared and thereafter I felt no pressure on Saturday or Sunday.

Sundom Wind Mill


Arne Nordgren