Trainingcourse HQU Stockholm [2005-03-12]

Stockholm 2005 mar projekt 5250 The finishing weekend of the Project 2005 was also an open Training Course for those who have joined one of our basic courses. Many of them realized the opportunity to practise together in the strong Qi field and the total number of participants was more than 70. Most of them had joined the Training Weekend three weeks earlier, and many of them also joined the basic course which formed the beginning of the project, six weeks ago. Even in such a short period of time as six weeks it is possible to find clear improvement. For instance the powers of concentration of the group as a whole were clearly greater as compared to both the basic course and the previous training weekend. The ability to do the movements had also improved. Several of the participants have already applied for this Summer's nine-day courses.

Excerpts from the participants' stories:

"My asthma and my allergies have more or less disappeared today."

"I have tried different kinds of therapy. I'm very glad that I found Zhineng Qigong because it gave results. It has given me a totally different kind of understanding, both of myself and of Life. My body is also able to move better. Zhineng Qigong has given me a lot."

"My body is much more supple and my mind is much more relaxed. I'm not at all that stressed out anymore."

"I'm in much better control of my life, I'm not so affected by fears and anxiety anymore. It's much easier to speak before people, for instance."

"I suffer from a severe case of asthma, but when I tested my lung function last time it had increased from 240 to 480, even though the doctor said that it wouldn't be possible. My fitness has also been improved through the training."

Stockholm 2005 mar projekt 1250

"This is my second Weekend Course. It was very good and I wish to get more of those. My shoulders' pain has grown much less and I'll continue to practise."

"More and more good things happen in my body. That makes me curious."

"I started out in November last year and now I've participated in the project. My body and my inside feel fine. I'm less stressed out. My body feels softer. I feel that the future is bright."

"My joints used to be swollen but they aren't anymore. Even my vision has improved. Before I worried a lot and I didn't like to stand and talk before groups of people. It used to be like that both at school and at work, but nowadays it's much better. At my work there is a lot of pressure but now I'm able to deal with it much better. My outlook on life is clearly more harmonious now."

"Before I'd run away when I found myself in difficult situations. I don't do that anymore. I allow myself to deal with them instead."


Lars Hagner