Hold Qi up Kalmar [2005-03-19]

Kalmar vår 2005

Kalmar and Nybro both have training groups but they arrange their basic courses together. Now it was time for Kalmar to hold a course and we stayed at a new place, a very fine premises just by the shore in a calm and relaxed environment. The training effort in both Kalmar and Nybro is good and there are several people who join each course to repeat it. This is made clear by the fact that many of them are developing in a positive way.

The following is an excerpt from accounts made by the participants:

"Qigong helps me a lot in my daily life. When I have much to do at my work I practise to gain more energy and to get calmer. Qigong also helps me when I have insomnia".

"My health has improved a lot since I started with Qigong".

"I used to have pain in my back and my shoulders. I couldn't raise my hands above my head and my physiotherapist told me to avoid that. Nowadays I have no problem at all lifting my hands above my head. I used to suffer from the burn-out syndrome, but now I work 75 percent time again. To have this Qigong makes me feel safe".

"I play the piano and Qigong helps me deal with my nervousness before concerts. It also helped me develop further as a pianist".

"I had back problems, insomnia and stress problems. Qigong helped me and this Winter I haven't had any sinusitis which I usually get every Winter".

"It feels safe to have Qigong as a method to handle mental and physical problems. I was very nervous before my exams at the university but Qigong helped me calm down".


Lars Hagner