Hold Qi up Stockholm [2005-04-09]

√Ėstasiatiska Museet's (The East Asian Museum's) beautiful lecture hall on Skeppsholmen was our location for the basic course in Hold Qi Up in Stockholm in the weekend of 9 to 10 April 2005. The course was arranged in co-operation with the museum which will also let those among their employees who are interested join a basic course exclusively for the staff at evening time, later this Spring. Both beginners and those who repeated the course were inspired by the harmonious environment which was aided by the beautiful rays of the Spring sun that found their way through the windows.

As usual on our courses those who were beginners got a lot of help from those who were more experienced. Some of the participants of Project 2005, who were beginners themselves as recently as in January this year, now joined up to repeat the course, and they, just as the others, more than willing to help supporting the newcomers as much as possible so that they get started with their training in the best way.

Excerpt from the participants' stories:

"I joined the course for the first time, and when I came home on Saturday the pain I had in my back the entire week was gone!"

"I have better control of my life nowadays. Before I had to accommodate my activities according to how I was feeling that particular day. I am no longer so affected by circumstances."

"I get happy after practising Qigong and I feel like I'm filled with love."

"I'm a beginner and this feels great, exactly what I need!"

"I'm happier now and my back is softer. I get better quality sleep, I'm more focused and it's easier for me to talk before groups."


Lars Hagner