Wintercourse SXQ (5 d) Bollnäs [2005-03-30]

This year's Winter Course, held during week 13 instead of the customary week 9, was the third one in a row in Bollnäs. This year too the course was rather well attended with about 50 keen participants. Many of them also choose to join the two days just before the Winter Course in order to extend the course from five to seven days.

During the course we concentrated a lot of the training on Shenxin Qigong and we also took some time to talk about the mental issues which are important to achieve good results within Qigong. The participants practised diligently, both during the official teaching/training and at other hours. We also tried practising with the new CD. Many of the participants responded to it, saying that the CD was good for training with and that they wanted to start using it as soon as they got home.

Shenxin Qigong during the wintercourse

The weather was warmer than usual on the Winter Course, since it was held a little later this time. One advantage was that the weather was warm and nice for walking outdoors. On Friday 1 April we had half a day off, which gave us plenty of time for looking at the sights of the local area, and planning April fools' jokes.


The results at the Winter Course were good. The results started coming during the initial basic course and continued to develop during the following 5 days. Th eparticipants filled in a questionnaire before and after the course. The diagrams below shows, in percent, how many of the participants that got improvements in different areas during the course.

Percentage of participants that got improvements

Excerpt from the participants' comments:

"I feel nice and light in body and mind. It's easier for me to move my waist backward. My palate and my upper respiratory passages feel bigger. I feel motivated to practise Qigong. My life as a whole feels better."

"I have never felt this good before, both in body and mind."

"My back is softer, I'm able to get my hips down in my leg bends. I feel better/more flexible all along my entire back as well as my shoulder joints. My body feels like a child again, and it wants to move in different ways. I feel strong, both physically and mentally."

"I have had problems with trembling in my body and my ability to co-ordination as well as my sense of balance. When I have practised Shenxin Qigong I've become much stronger and more stable. Usually when I walk outdoors I manage to do it for maybe 20 minutes, but when I walked to the shop the other day I was gone for an hour and a half, and I was even able to carry the shopping bags back with me."

"When I arrived at the course I had a wryneck. The wryneck has disappeared and my neck feels much better. I had a wart on my hand for some time, but that disappeared after the two days of the basic course."

The group from the Winter Course 2005

"My right shoulder was knocked out of its socket about two weeks ago. I woke up in the middle of the night, I went up and stumbled over something. It hurt terribly. The week after I joined a basic course in Hold Qi Up and after that I was able to raise my arm to shoulder's level, but with some pain. After the Winter Course I'm able to lift my arm all the way up above my head. On a Qi regulation something happened with my shoulder and after that I could move my arm backward as well, without pain. During the course I've also been sleeping well at night. Usually I wake up at night with anxiety, but here I've been sleeping well. On the course I had an attack of migraine, but I was able to train the attack away, so that it never hit me with full power. It's the first time that I've been able to do that."

"When I practise Shenxin Qigong I get rid of my allergic complaints. I can't do that with other Qigong exercises."

"When I came here I was so weak I dragged my feet behind me when I walked. I suffer from asthma and I had many attacks of asthma and I had to use a lot of drug treatment. After the Winter Course I can walk properly. I can take big steps in the staircase. I had an attack of asthma on the first day of the basic course only, after that it got better. I was even able to cough up the phlegm from the lowest point of the lungs, something which even the strongest of drugs haven't been able to help me to do. I was very happy during the course and I've been laughing more than in a very long time. So I'm leaving the course as a happy and pleased 65-year old person."

"I understand more about Qigong and the Qi field now. I can really feel how the Qi field helps me when we practise together, and also how distracting thoughts disappear."

"I feel calmer and more focused. My body feels both softer and stronger. That is what I wished to get from the course and that's what I got."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen