Hold Qi up Helsingborg [2005-04-02]

After the lecture and during the Weekend Course in Helsingborg there was some talk and questions asked about what Qigong is and why people practise Zhineng Qigong. The new article on our homepage about how to avoid being deceived was one of the topics of the conversation.

In the Sunday afternoon there was a discussion about the results achieved through the training, and below is an example of how one can get good help against aches and pain as well as help in getting a better quality of life as a whole:

"This weekend I feel that I've gained a lot of energy. When I came home yesterday I was really energetic and I had a lot of stamina. I started to practise six years ago and in hindsight I can see that so much has happened it's incredible. One thing is that I suffer from arthrosis in my neck and lumbar area and I also have a whiplash injury in my neck. When I started to practise I nearly always had a headache which made me nauseous and made me throw up, and I had difficulty bending forward down to the floor. Nowadays I never get headaches anymore and I have a lot of energy and stamina. My body is much more supple and I have got rid of the pain in my body. I feel happy and alert and I hope that Zhineng Qigong will help many others with similar problems and other problems too."


Patrik Rastija