Hold Qi up Gothenburg [2005-04-09]

The new participants on the Gothenburg Weekend Course in Hold Qi Up received good help with the movements from many experienced participants who had joined Summer Courses or a number of Weekend Courses. This in addition to the calm and friendly mood made for quick learning, and there was ample time for repeating the exercises well. Several participants soon noticed results from training in the Qi field, some of them already during the first hour of the course.

Below are some examples of the participants' comments after the course:

"I think this was just marvellous. Already when I got home yesterday, I felt that the tension in my shoulders was released to a great extent. Today it felt much, much better."

"I'm very grateful because I've joined other methods, but this one is something incredible. I am very grateful."

"On this course the soreness in my arms disappeared. Yesterday evening when I came home, I was really energetic! I did a whole lot of work then."


Max Björkström