HQU 2 Bergen [2005-04-09]

On the weekend course of Hold Qi Up 2 in Bergen there was a lot of training. All who joined had earlier participated in HQU and we dedicated ourselves to details and the way of thinking. The course is aimed at increase the skill of the execution of the excersises and to get an enhanced ability to master body and mind. There were a lot of training and the participants felt that they could relax more both physically and mentally and that they get more quality out of the practise after Hold Qi Up 2.

Below some participants experiences:

"I have had the flu and fever and had pain in my joints for 2 weeks now before I came here. Now it feels very good and it has been very nice to practise so much."

"It was good to repeat the new things and to correct that which one does wrong. I'm allergic to pollen but there has been no problems this weekend and I hope I don´t have to start with the medicine."


Patrik Rastija