Hold Qi up Turku [2005-03-19]

A wintry and slightly cold weather met the participants at their Hold Qi Up course in March 2005. Many of the participants had wellknown faces, i.e. they repeated the course. There were also a number of beginners who listened to the teachers and the other participants words of wisdom and also taught the movements.

Here are some excerpts from some of the participant's stories:

"My back was in a very bad condition but now my back problems are gone. I have a better sight and I don't need reading glasses. I have colour blindness, but now I can see the red colour. Last summer I could pick berries, it didn't take long and it was fun."

"I have practiced for 2,5 years. From the beginning I could not bend the back at all. Today I can almost reach my feet with my hands. I have more flexibility in my shoulders and my back. The Qigong training has given me possibilities to work fulltime."

"My blood pressure has stabilised and I myself have become stabilised too. I don't stress so much any longer."

"My job force me to lot of standing and I used to have pain in my lumbar back. Now I use the body regulation at work and I notice that it helps me towards my pain."

"Before I had more migraine days than ordinary days, but now my migraine hits me less often."

"Last Friday my shoulder was dislocated for about 1,5 hours. On Friday I could not even breathe without pain. I could not even lift my arm to put on deodorant. Now, after the course, I can lift my arm side front all the way up to shoulder level without pain."

"This is my second course. My elbow has been crushed and the doctors said that it would always give me pain in the future. But – I haven't got pain any longer."


Arne Nordgren