Shenxin Qigong Gothenburg [2004-04-17]

On the Gothenburg Shenxin Qigong course there were many who had previously joined our courses in Hold Qi Up. During the course they became very physically relaxed and calmer than usual. Below are some of the participants' experience of Zhineng Qigong and of this course:

"I have practised Zhineng Qigong since October. I suffer from rather severe problems with my sense of balance – and I notice that with each of these courses things move in the right direction and that I really get boosted. I notice it particularly now, this Spring – with this being my third Weekend Course. I feel that I have the stamina – and above all that I can manage to do it for two whole days – at home there is nothing I can manage or have the stamina to do, for more than a half-hour or three quarters of an hour, then I have to sit down and rest. So I really think it's very strange that I'm able to practise for seven hours a day for two days. Yesterday I felt that I'd used my shoulders and muscles, almost like training soreness, and the very fact that I have used and strained my muscles is something I haven't experienced for the last 18 months since I got ill, and I view that as something very positive. So it was a very good course for me".

"I had a stroke a year ago and I've gone through rehabilitation and been on sick leave and things like that. Throughout that time it was Zhineng Qigong that kept my head very clear. I hardly had any headaches in spite of the fact that the stroke affected the centre of language in my brain. I ended up in a hospital in Germany. To realize the calm which Zhineng Qigong gives you in such a difficult situation with illness, not knowing what might happen. Zhineng Qigong became the primary tool for me to get on with my life – and that goes to show that this is good stuff. Today I don't feel any residue of the stroke, not one bit...well, maybe sometimes I stutter when I'm under very much stress. This weekend there've been some things happening too and my body has become very relaxed during these two days and I wish to thank you for a very fine course".


Patrik Rastija