HQU 2 Stockholm [2004-03-20]

The course gave people greater understanding of what Qigong is and what a good Qigong method can give its practitioners. The participants were pleased with the two days of training. Several of them said that they felt energetic after the course and that they were calm and relaxed.

During their training period several of the participants have achieved very good results. A common phenomenon is that as you get used to you new situation, without problems, you forget about how difficult it was before you started to practise. One lady, for instance, said that one week ago her thumb was hurting. That made her remember that she actually used to have that kind of pain in all of her joints before she started to practise Qigong.

Some of them said that after some time of Qigong training they feel mentally stronger and are able to deal with life and its ups and downs in a much better way than before. One lady said that nowadays she can concentrate much more and she feels much more rational – less emotional in stating her point of view.


Lars Hagner