Hold Qi up Stockholm [2005-01-29]

On the weekend of 29 to 30 January nearly 90 Qigong participants, full of expectation, gathered in central Stockholm. This weekend many of them were to begin the Project 2005, a six-week project totalling 60 hours of training. The others were there to take part in the basic course as such, as beginners or to repeat it.

Hold Qi up in StockholmAfter a short introductory lecture by Su Dongyue the actual course began. For many of them it proved a powerful experience to be part of and join our strong Qi field for the first time. The Qi field is a strong contributing reason why there can be clear results already after two days, a fact which is easier to understand when reading the excerpts of the participants' own comments.

Excerpts from the participants' own comments:

"Qigong helped me get calmer and more focused."

"After my first course six months ago I have practised twice every day. I'm much calmer today and I'm able to handle stress much better and I've got more energy."

"This is my third Weekend Course and since I started practising I've lost 13 kilos and I think that has something to do with the training. My body is much more relaxed nowadays."

"This morning I burned my finger rather badly on my toaster, so that it became red and irritated. Later this morning when we did La Qi I had this pulsating sensation in my finger and after the training my finger was completely OK!"

"When I practise Qigong I'm not so stressed, my body gets softer and I feel comfortable more frequently."

"My neck pain has disappeared. I have more energy and I'm happier."

"There's a great difference in how I feel inside today. It's easier to keep calm."


Lars Hagner