Hold Qi up Stockholm [2004-05-15]

On the weekend of 15 to 16 May a basic course was held in central Stockholm. As usual there was a blend of experienced Qigong people and absolute beginners. In total there were nearly thirty participants on the course. For those who repeated the course it probably was an incentive to increase their training and to those who joined their first course it was, hopefully, the beginning of a long-term relationship with a method which can help them for the rest of their lives, e.g. Zhineng Qigong. By participating they all took part in the strong Qi field which is present on all of our courses.

Comments made by the participants:

The following is an excerpt from the course evaluation:

"After the course I feel euphoric in a calm way, a feeling similar to the one I get from acupuncture. Yesterday evening I was able to sit and watch TV, something which hasn't been the case for a long time. I want to get rid of stress and palpitation of the heart. I feel calmer already."

After one training session my body was completely free of pain, which hasn't happened in several years."

"It's a good thing to receive corrections and I appreciate the good mood which I find among Qigong people".

"I'm stress out and I'm all wound up. Yesterday I became calm and very tired. Today I'm calmer but more focused."

"I wish to keep my body supple with Qigong since I suffer from rheumatism. But I discovered that my mental state was in greater need of the training and that this may be related to my illness. I think that I've come to the right place and I intend to practise every day."


Lars Hagner