Hold Qi up Lund [2004-04-17]

The Lund basic course gathered some new and some experienced participants, but what was more unusual was the fact that there were three children on the course: Elias (10), Maria (8) and Sofia (5). These siblings came up with some spontaneous reflections on things which seem natural to us adults, and that was a nice contribution. Little Sofia, for instance, put her hand up and asked "What is a gentle smile?" After getting the answer to her question she had a gentle smile for the rest of the course.

The overall impression was that the course was fine and a nice one too. Some participants who have practised for some time voiced opinions such as "It's nice to get to practise together, to practise in the Qi field, and it's a good thing to repeat the course".

Elias (10) joined his first course three or four months ago, to "test it", and this time he repeated the course. Before that he had practised a little Qigong with his mum, since he was about 9 years old. He has noticed that when he bends his fingers he is able to bend them further than his class mates, and then his reaction is "What? Do you really mean you can't do that?" He has also found other things during the gymnastics class which are fun. His siblings also thought it was fun to practise with the rest of us.

During the days of the course the participants had good but somewhat different results. One lady who had practised for a few years felt something between her shoulder blades, recalling that before she always had pain in that area. She realizes that Qi has reached that part and she is glad for the opportunity to get rid of the old injury.

Another lady told us that she had a cough a couple of months ago which lasted rather a long time, five or six weeks. It was difficult for her to fill her lungs with air and when she did, it was very painful. Now both the cough and the pain are gone.


Kate Ohlsson