Hold Qi up Ljungby [2005-03-05]

For a few years now we have had basic courses in Hold Qi Up on the premises of Ljungby Lasarett Hospital, one course in the spring and one in the fall. On March 5-6 it was time for this spring's course. The beginners participating, were there mostly because their friends or family had participated in our courses before. When our students participate in courses and practice, their improved health is noticeable and this inspires others around them to try the same road.

Excerpt from the participants' own comments:

"Before I started practicing Qigong I had a lot of pain in my body. I couldn't do anything physical without pain. Now I'm lead a very active life. As an example I've shoveled quite a lot of show this winter without getting any pain at all. When I practice Qigong I get my energy back."

"This is my third course. For me this course felt just wonderful. Nowadays I can handle various problems more easily, including my depression."

"My depression is not as deep as before and I'm not as emotional any longer. I feel calmer and more focused now."

"I sleep much better and I find it easier to control my thoughts. The more I practice, the more I like it. In every single course I get more energy."


Lars Hagner