Hold Qi up Kungsängen [2005-03-05]

A small group met during two days to learn Zhineng Qigong in the Day Centre of Kungängen Centre. There were participants not only from Kungsängen. In fact there were participants both from Norway and Netherlands. Some were beginners but there were also those who had chosen to repeat the course. As usual, the beginners were thoughtful for what would happen during the weekend.

Some of them had pain in their shoulders, two of them had even passed an operation and they were sceptical whether they could manage to participate in all training. About Saturday afternoon even those who had most pain found that that things were quite well. They relaxed and performed the movements under high concentration and enthusiasm and felt better and better. The movements were easier and easier to perform and that also is an indication that body has become more relaxed and flexible. Their interest rose when they noticed that things were under control.

On Sunday, at the final discussion of the course result, a satisfied group told us of their experiences. They were not only softer in their bodies. They also told us that their mind felt calmer and that they had got a method that felt good with good possibilities to give result.

During next week, at Thursday training in Kungsängen, one of the beginners told us that she felt good even in the mornings when going by train to work. Usually she was angry and ready to hit someone if something happened. Now she sat calmly and did not care very much about what happened around her.


Arne Nordgren