HQU 2 Bergen [2004-05-01]

Qigong master Dongyue Su held the lecture and the first Hold Qi up 2 course in Bergen and many gathered to join in. A mixed group of participants, most of them joining Hold Qi up 2 for the first time, were inspired to join the Summer Courses.

The participants wanted to seize the opportunity to learn more about Hold Qi up and Zhineng Qigong, especially now that Dongyue Su would hold the course. Some had practised with us for several years and had joined the Summer Courses. Others had "only" joined one or a number of Weekend Courses and it was particularly interesting to them to participate in a course held by Dongyue Su.

Many of the Bergen participants have gained good results. They often join and repeat Weekend Courses and practise together in a group and at home, so the interest in Hold Qi up 2 was rather big. During the course they were given insight in the philosophy within Zhineng Qigong and, above all, the principles of our main exercise Hold Qi up. This gave the participants a kick forward and an increased understanding of the training and Zhineng Qigong. People thought it was a very good course and it inspired their curiosity and a wish to join the Summer Courses.

Regarding the participants: One lady told us that when she was sitting at home reading after the lecture, she discovered that she could read even the fine lines without her reading glasses. Another lady said that she suffers from severe allergy and she still does, but now she has developed much more tolerance toward the things which she is allergic to.


Su Dongyue