Trainingcourse HQU Helsingborg [2004-11-06]

The training days in Helsingborg were of course filled with a lot of practising. We also took our time to review Hold Qi Up thoroughly in order to do the exercise better and get better results. The mood may be termed jolly and very nice. People were happy about seeing friends who they have not met for some time.

With continues practice the experience and importance of the quality of the Qi field becomes clearer and clearer and we feel great joy for having access to such a fine and well regulated Qi field.

One participant, who joined her first Weekend Course one month ago, tells us about how she was on sick leave for 26 months on account of the burn-out syndrome, but after practising for one month she has got so much benefit from the practice that she will start work training next Monday: "I'm very happy and I can recommend this to everybody I know and to those who have problems similar to the ones I had".


Patrik Rastija