Shenxin Qigong Kvinnherad [2004-10-30]

There were 27 participants on the Weekend Course in Kvinnherad and half of them had never before joined any course with European Zhineng Qigong Center. The participants were anxious to learn Shenxin Qigong and to learn how to do the exercise as well as possible. The independent exercise Snake Arm was much appreciated and people found it interesting in its own right, in addition to the fact that it was a lot of fun to do it.

More seasoned participants who have done the training for some time now thought that the exercise had grown more important with the training, and their understanding of it had grown also.

One of those who joined the Shenxin Qigong course for the second time relates some personal results:

"I find that Shenxin Qigong was an absolutely great help. It helped me with pain which I had in various areas. My blood circulation has improved a lot and my shoulders are much better – especially the left one which used to be so painful that I couldn't even straighten out my hand. I haven't had any pain in my shoulder now for at least ten months, and that's wonderful. I also had problems with my eyes and I was waiting for surgery. But I'm happy about the Norwegian health administration and the long waiting lists, because now I'm so much better that I actually no longer need operation, and that's an incredible experience".


Patrik Rastija