Hold Qi up Kvinnherad [2005-01-29]

There is a steady gang who gets together to practise Zhineng Qigong every week in Kvinnherad and they participate in the Weekend Courses to get inspired and even more motivated for further training. That is a contributing reason why most of those on the courses know or are acquainted with each other. This makes for a very good and easy-going mood, and this was the case on this Weekend Course as well.

New participants often come to the courses because they were advised to by someone who practises it or because some acquaintance has improved his or her state of health to such an obvious degree that people get curious and want to test it themselves. Below is such an example:

"This is the first time I joined this and I was advised to join a European Zhineng Qigong Course because my joints and shoulders are stiff. It was a nice experience and now after the course my body is more supple, especially my shoulders".


Patrik Rastija