Xiao Gongfa Gothenburg [2005-02-05]

The participants of the IT-Gong course were relaxed and attentive and they followed the teaching with ease. Some of them have sedentary jobs but those with more active everyday chores also appreciate these "little", practical exercises, which can be used while you have a couple of minutes to spare, any time of the day. This way we can improve the circulation in strained eyes and ears, a stiff neck, mouse arm etc.

Some participants' comments after the course:

"I have a very sedentary job. I guess I sit still for eleven or twelve hours a day. So I need something to activate me, so my body doesn't get all stiff".

"It's never dull to travel by bus because there are always exercises that you can use then. What was especially fun today was that "Washing the Face" exercise! I don't know whether I paid extra attention, or if the instructions were different, but I got a totally different feeling".

"It's fun to practise. In the morning when I wake up, I do the finger training and the toe training, and some other ones as well".


Max Björkström