HQU 2 Gothenburg [2004-11-27]

There was a happy and harmonious mood during the Hold Qi Up 2 course in Gothenburg and those who joined it appreciated the opportunity to devote themselves to increasing their knowledge of and skill (Gongfu) in executing Hold Qi Up. As usual on our courses the people who joined us were of different levels of experience; many had practised for several years and others came here after practising for some time, having got good results from the training and being highly motivated to learn to understand more. Those who have practised for several years repeat the courses for the simple reason that they want to take part of the Qi field but they also find that you always learn something new.

The general view was that there was a considerable difference to the execution of the exercise between Saturday and Sunday. Apart from getting further and extended information on the exercises and their execution, people were more energetic, calmer and more relaxed and more able to concentrate. Their experience of the training was enhanced and the training also felt very strong.

Everybody has different reasons for practising Zhineng Qigong. Maybe you are a musician or an athlete wishing to improve your skill and stamina or maybe you wish to get help with some health problem but it is all a matter of increasing your quality of life, and we found examples of that on this course as well.

One of our female participants:

"When I came to the course I had this severe pain in my right hand. It started last Summer, on and off. A couple of weeks ago I had a severe attack which culminated this week, at which time I also started to get pain in my left hand. I thought that it was arthrosis because both of my parents suffer from severe cases of arthrosis in their hands, and now I thought it was my turn, even though I'm much younger. Last Friday I was playing tennis but I dropped the racquet and later that evening I couldn't even hold a glass of water and I was in real pain. But today I'm fine and I haven't been able to move my hand or my fingers this fast before".


Patrik Rastija