Trainingcourse HQU Stockholm [2005-02-19]

During our ongoing six week project in Stockholm, we arrange two training weekends. These are also open to others than just the participants of the project. The only prerequisite is at least one of our basic courses. The first of these training courses took place last weekend, when over 70 people met to practice Zhineng Qigong together in a more professional manner. Besides training what was taught at the basic course, there was the opportunity to advance in Zhineng Qigong, both with respect to the actual execution of the exercises and to the understanding of how the Qigong way of thinking can be used in our daily lives to improve our quality of life.

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The atmosphere during the course was good and many take great pleasure in the opportunity to meet others and take part in their experience of our training. The openness between people increases as the qi level is enhanced, and so does the optimism for the participants suffering from more difficult health problems when they notice that the training really has an effect. The project is now entering its third and final three week period. As the amount of training is built up, the amount of qi increases, which should lead to a positive effect both on the body and the mind.

Excerpt from the participants' own comments:

"I found Qigong quite late in my life. I have scoliosis and my back has improved a lot".

"I've undergone lumbar spine fusion surgery in my back and pelvis. I don't want to have any more surgery. My physician said I have to learn to live with the pain and that when I turn 60 I'll be stiff all over "so you won't notice this pain". I'm not in pain any longer. I don't take any pain medication or sleeping pills. I practice every day since the summer course. The training keeps me free from the pain."

"I'm new to Qigong since November 2004. I sleep better and I'm calmer. I have more energy and can handle my job and conflicts better."

"I have scoliosis and I've grown two centimeters since I started practicing. Last year I didn't have one single day of sick leave. During the latest summer course, I stopped taking estrogen and I was sweating a great deal. But soon after that I could sleep all through the night."

"I'm emotional and I've learned to handle that through practicing Qigong. I take the basic standing position when I feel that I need help, and then I find my calm. Mentally I've received so much. Earlier I had to pee all the time, and I got pills from my gynecologist for this. I haven't taken the pills, but my problem has disappeared even so."

"My behavior has changed since I started practicing Qigong, and I noticed that I'm much more patient and forgiving to my surroundings than I used to be."

"An X-ray examination showed that I have two slipped disks in my back. I was in great pain and had to take a pain killer every four hours. Qigong has taken all my pain away!"

"I used to have problems with my shoulders and back and I haven't been able to lift my right hand higher than a little bit above the height of my shoulder. Now after practicing I notice that sometimes during training, not always, I can lift my arm all the way over my head."

"The scar from my leg ulcers is disappearing!"

Stockholm 2005 feb projekt 350


Lars Hagner