Hold Qi up Gothenburg [2005-02-05]

There was a good atmosphere among the 45 participants on the Weekend Course. The new ones were very diligent and they learned the exercises quickly, while those who repeated the course were very willing to share their training experiences.

They told us about the numerous improvements of very varying kinds that they had, and the general impression is that people, apart from getting rid of pain and problems, also have become happier and calmer, and that there is a greater ability to deal with everyday life.

During the weekend the new participants found quite a number of improvements and here is one such example:

I was able to bend forward after the Weekend Course

"This is the first time I joined this and I have actually experienced progress during these two days. I have this disc in my back which is moving out of place. Yesterday when we were bending forward to put our hands on our feet I was obviously unable to get that far down, but only down to my knees. Today I was able to bend down and tie my shoe-laces without putting my foot up on a chair the way I use to, and I wasn't even aware of the fact that I did because it was so effortless. My back feels more supple and the thoracic part of my back isn't so tensed either. So it was quite inspiring to me. The fact that I was able to get all the way down and lay my hands on my feet in just these two days is fascinating and I'm due for continued training from hereon. Thank you".


Patrik Rastija