Hold Qi up Lund [2005-02-12]

The course also had participants from Malmö and Helsingborg, and half the group were new participants. They were curious about Zhineng Qigong and they joined us because they were adviced to by friends of theirs who practise the method.

One new participant had a problem with one of her shoulders for the last number of months. She was unable to raise her arm above shoulder's level. After the first day of the course she could lift it the width of a hand higher. In the following morning she got it up to a 45 degrees angle, and in the afternoon she lifted up both her arms above her head, putting her hands together. Now she wants to get rid of her tinnitus.

Another participant who has practised for a little more than a year, now noticed the fact that he no longer "slouched", but had adopted a new body posture – he stands more straight, and this has become his natural way of standing.

One participant told us that her fingers are not white as they used to be before she started to practise Zhineng Qigong since her blood circulation has improved.

As usual there were several people who discovered how stiff their body was, and how it relaxes and gets more supple through the training during the weekend.

Time seemed to pass very quickly during the weekend, much because of the calm and focused atmosphere. The new participants followed the teaching more easily than they had expected, and they decided to join our organized Evening Training where they live.


Max Björkström