Summer course training Stockholm [2005-01-06]

To correct the movements is an important part in the training course. It has become a tradition to carry through a four days training course during the Twelfth Day weekend alternating between Stockholm and Gothenburg every second year. This year Stockholm was in turn. The course that was kept for the eighth consecutive year is open to those who have participated in a summer course or any of our projects. In all almost 60 persons participated during the four days that contained a lot of practice but also much joy and harmony not least in seeing friends not met since last summer course. Some participants expressed that the Qi-field obviously becomes stronger from year to year.

Some quotations from what the participants told us:

"I walked around in the mountains last summer that I have not been able to do for many years due to back problems"

"I am healthier nowadays. I had pain in my hips during Christmas but pain disappeared during this course."

"Wonderful, a good way to start the year. I have had a stressed position during the autumn. I could not have made it without Qigong. "

"I can handle my emotional problems much better now."

"Nowadays I can manage everyday better and I don't get a disease as often as before."

"I was in very bad shape when I started to practice Qigong. Now I am much better."

"My depression, my gloominess and dejection suddenly disappeared during practicing. I am happy that I came here to practice, I feel happier and more alert now. "

"Earlier I suffered from travel sickness in bus, car and boat. After practicing Qigong for some time the problems disappeared."

"I suffer badly from rheumatism but in the courses I can manage to stand and walk much more than I normally can. It has been fun to practice and I feel more alert than before. "

"I have had a new life by Qigong. Now I divide my life into before and after Qigong. I have had so many improvements that it feels completely insane."



Lars Hagner