Hold Qi up Nynäshamn [2004-12-04]

During the weekend of December 4-5, we gave our first basic course in beautiful Nynäshamn. As is customary, the initiative to the course was taken by people who already practice with us.

The following excerpts are chosen from the participants comments:

"My back is better and I feel happier."

"I used to have problems with my joints and infections. I was in a lot of pain and had to use quite a lot of medication. Today I'm almost never ill, I hav no pain and take no medication."

"My entire body has changed towards something better. I'm a more open and happier person. I've got a new life."

"I've been depressed my entire life, since I was a teenager. Now I've opened up and started living. Without Qigong I don't know how to handle my life. Now, my body is softer and I find it easier to move."

"This is my first course and I already feel happier and tired in a harmonious way."


Lars Hagner