Hold Qi up Stockholm [2004-11-20]

This fall's last basic course in Stockholm also had high attendance. There were participants all the way from Turku in Finland. All the repeating students' experience was as usual an invaluable help for the first time participants. Their statements on how their life quality has improved after practicing Qigong for a while inspire others to continue their training. Even if many get significant improvement, e.g. that their different pains disappear, others may have to practice a bit longer before they notice the difference.

Here are some examples of statements made during the course:

"This is my first course. I already feel an inner calm, I'm facing a new future."

"I'm not in pain any more, I feel that I as a whole is healthier than before I started practicing."

"All my back pain is gone now and my depressions are much better."

"I participated in the course to learn a method to handle stress. I hadn't expected that it would have an effect on my physical problems. But now I feel it did, especially in my shoulders. Both yesterday and today I've felt alert."

"During this fall I've put myself into social situations that I wouldn't have dared to earlier. Now I managed them really well."

"Both my migraine and my allergy have improved and mentally I'm not as influenced by everything around me."

"This is my first course, my wife talked me into it. It feels like a good form of exercise for the body. I've had pain in my shoulder for several years, but that pain is gone now."

"I was burned out, depressed, had back pains and couldn't sleep. Now when I practice regularly I feel excellent. My problems have decreased, I don't worry at all as much as before. I've decided to continue working for one more year instead of retiring early."


Lars Hagner