Hold Qi up Gothenburg [2004-11-13]

Two participants had travelled all the way from Karlstad while another one came from Bohuslän, all of them to learn Zhineng Qigong or to join the Qifield.

On Saturday around noon a new participant found that the difficult tension in her left lower arm was released. Before that she could not put her palms together properly in front of her chest – but suddenly the resistance gave way and she discovered that her hands came together!

Comments by some participants:

"I've had severe problems with my sense of balance and my control of fine movements and a year ago I walked with a rollator for support. On this weekend I have actually been standing with my feet together, and this is the first Weekend course that I've been able to do that the whole period. This is a great step forward for me."

"You get highly motivated when you feel Qi right away. I could feel it clearly when we practised the entire exercise in a row."

"I always have this pain in my feet, every evening – but yesterday after the course I didn't have that!"

"After having an operation I was advised to come here and try Qigong. It felt as if there are things happening, and my lymphedema has grown less already, I think."

"I try to practise every day. I sleep much better, very much better. You talked about lymphedema. Well, I have that too. I haven't thought about it, but it receded very quickly."

The participants showed enthusiasm and curiosity and, as usual on our courses, almost all of them were advised to come by friends and acquaintances, who are pleased participants of European Zhineng Qigong Center themselves.


Max Björkström