Hold Qi up Turku [2004-10-30]

Some 30 people participated in our basic course in Hold Qi Up in Turku Oct 30-31. It was the first basic course arranged in the city of Turku in a couple of years. In the Turku area we now have training groups and course activities both in the city of Turku and in Pargas, a bit outside Turku. The course also had participants from other parts of Finland, both beginners and repeating students.

From the participants results:

"I've practiced Qigong for four years now and so many things have happened, both physically and mentally. I used to suffer from scoliosis, chronic sinus infection, rheumatism. Now I'm happier, calmer and don't get as easily irritated."

"Qigong has helped me so much. I can't even remember how bad it was before. My migraine is gone. Mentally I feel calmer. I look at the world in a different way when I practice."

"I had no big problems when I started, but now I feel calmer and my body feels softer."

"I think it's good to be able to affect my own health. My back is completely recovered. I'm in much better shape physically. I feel much younger now than when I started practicing Qigong."

"I practice 2-4 times a week by myself. I feel more harmonious now."

"I have experienced enhanced wellbeing from Qigong. I quit smoking this summer after some 10 years, probably mostly thanks to Qigong."

"I've had relief in all my different diseases: colds, sinus infections, back problems etc."

"I had no idea what Qigong is. I'm very skeptical. Still on Saturday I was hesitant to participate in the course. But I feel I have got a lot of insight. I had a slipped disk operated on in May. After that I've had a lot of pain. This morning the pain felt different."

"I've had problems with my arms from working with a computer mouse. It feels better now. I also had pain in my legs, but its gone now. My sinuses were sore, but they are better now."

"I feel I I feel I can tolerate stress better now. I get things done."


Lars Hagner