TuiNa , Wei Tuo Jin Gothenburg [2004-10-28]

The participants were positive and interested in learning more. Several persons have started to use their knowledge of TuiNa to help others and their experiences contributed to the good mood. The days passed fast and the ability to perform TuiNa improved fast. The diagnose method was a popular part of the course and several of the participants had aha-experiences during this part of the course.

Even though most of the participants had practised Qigong before many of them commented that Wei Tuo Jin was both fun and powerful. The flexibility, strength and powers of concentration of the participants were improved during the course.

The participants try acupoint TuiNa

Among the participants' comments:

"I've always had a lump in the rear part of my shoulder that has remained even though I've practised Qigong and had many improvements. During this course things really happened in my arms and shoulders. Now, after the course, the lump has simply disappeared!"

"I've tried a lot of different forms of training and Qigong methods. This is definitely one of the very best."

"During our lunch break I visited my son. His wife had a headache and I offered her my help. I pointed on her acupoints for a couple of minutes and then her pain disappeared!"

"Wei Tuo Jin is my favourite exercise. It makes me stronger both physically and mentally."

"I have used TuiNa in my work as a therapist and it works very well. I have practised Wei Tuo Jin quite regularly and I can feel a big difference when I have practised. Some other therapists at my work also practise Qigong and sometimes we get amazing results when we treat others. Our colleagues who don't practise haven't achieved such results."

"I have practised Zhineng Qigong and I feel better in many ways but I still feel that my shoulders and arms are weak. I really should train at a gym, but i think that weight training is absolutely boring. Wei Tuo Jin replaces the weight training to a 100% and it is fun to do. It will not be difficult to get motivated to practise Wei Tuo Jin."

"On saturday, after the TuiNa course my mother (who didn't join the course) had some pain and felt tired. I offered to give her some TuiNa, and she allowed me to do that. She became very vigorous and was in a good mood after the treatment."

"It has been dazing, awsome and above all powerful. Wei Tuo Jin is really a very powerful exercise. I'm really glad that I joined this course, it has given me a lot."

Practising Wei Tuo Jin


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen