Shenxin Qigong Gothenburg [2004-10-16]

Most of the people on the Weekend Course in Shenxin Qigong had previously joined our Hold Qi up courses and so they had gained some training experience. This helped make the learning process very smooth, which gave us a lot of time for training.

The general opinion about Shenxin Qigong is that it is a rather powerful exercise which relaxes you fast. This experience was shared by some people this weekend and one of them said:

"When I arrived here I had a splitting headache. A week ago I was bending down to pick up something when I heard this cracking noise in my neck, and after that I had a terrible headache. On the first day of this course I worried about my headache and I thought I'd have to get to the emergency ward but I stayed on anyway, and now my headache is gone. It felt really bad but now it's completely gone."


Patrik Rastija