HQU 2 Stockholm [2004-10-23]

The "Hold Qi Up 2" course is the next level course after the basic course in "Hold Qi Up". This fall's course in Stockholm was held in a harmonious and joyful atmosphere. The level of concentration was high during training and the enthusiasm to learn Hold Qi Up more in depth was great. Those less experienced were helped in a commendable way to correct their movements by those with more experience.

Many of the participants have substantially improved their life quality through training Zhineng Qigong. Below follows a few examples of the comments given during the course:

"Fall used to be a difficult time of year, when it gets darker outside and the weather gets worse. This fall I've noticed that I'm not affected at all."

"I was burnt out but I've recovered and now I'm working full time again. At first I had no energy at all after work, but now I'm more energetic and can do things again. I'm happy that I keep getting better and better. When I need to, I practice Hold Qi Up at work as well."


Lars Hagner