Hold Qi up Mariehamn [2004-10-16]

During the last 10 years, European Zhineng Qigong Center has arranged courses in Åland. In Mariehamn they have arranged highly appreciated group training sessions for a long time, both for beginners and for students that have participated in our 9 day summer courses. On October 16-17 the time had come for a new course, a basic course in Hold Qi Up. The participation in the course was high, 35 students took part of and contributed to the strong Qi field. People had traveled from other parts of Finland as well to participate in the course, such as Pargas, Turku, Helsinki and Hangö.

The course was characterized by harmony, joy and a pleasant inner calm. Many of the participants that have practiced our Qigong method for some years expressed their gratitude for having the opportunity to through our courses learn such an effective tool, which they feel have helped them so much in their lives, both physically and mentally.

Excerpts from the participants own accounts:

"Before, I used to have several migraine attacks each month. Now I have only had two attacks since the summer course."

"I can handle stress better now."

"I've had a lot of problems with my back. But practicing Qigong has helped me. Last summer I was able to paint our house, I spent six hours on a ladder painting without any pain."

"I'm suffering from arthritis. Through my training Qigong, my joints are much more supple."

"Nowadays I can bend down and put my hands on my feet. Before I started training Qigong, I could hardly bend at all."

"I recently had surgery, and I could keep calm both before, during and after the operation. This was made possible by my training."


Lars Hagner