Hold Qi up Vara [2004-10-02]

This Summer we held our Summer Courses in Kvänum off Vara, and this was their first Weekend Course which was held at Long's Country District House. The house is beautifully situated at the Vara plain, surrounded by fields and beautiful scenery as far as your eyes can see. The new participants were local residents and so were several of those who had previously joined this year's Summer Courses in Kvänum, where they met ZQ for the first time. But we also had participants from other places and one of them travelled from Oslo to join us for the weekend.

The course had a good and highly motivated spirit, and there were many good laughs during the weekend, although that did not take away the sense of seriousness and realization that ZQ can bring very fine results, something which many people found by Saturday already.

We were happy to find that every participant from the local area wanted to continue to meet and practise together, so our local contact in Vara are now searching for premises for Organized Training.

Some opinions among the participants:

"I have this problem with my shoulders and yesterday I was able to go to sleep and to sleep without having to take a painkiller, for the first time in a year and I think that's just great!"

"I have a stress problem. I joined the Summer Course this Summer and I've practised every day since then because I feel that it helps me with my stress and my body feels more supple on the whole, I feel better and I'm more happy. This is great."

"I also joined this year's Summer Course and this time I limbered up my shoulder a bit more which I did this Summer as well, but then I've been neglecting my training. I also suffer from stress but I have become calm, and very relaxed during the weekend, and that's nice."

"I had a terrible problem with my back and neck and I've suffered from stinging sensations in my arms and legs – it started exactly one year ago – and the fact is that since yesterday those stinging sensations have been much less frequent. I'm tired but my body feels good, I don't know how to describe it, but it feels great!"

"For the last 19 years I've had this injury to my face and a lot happened to me on this weekend. I can feel this warmth in both the upper part of my back and in my face. When I came home yesterday I noticed that I was very energetic. I was tired after the course but then I became very energetic and I was energetic throughout the evening."


Elisabeth Öberg