Hold Qi up Kungsbacka [2004-10-09]

Once more we have arranged a course in Kungsbacka. Both the lecture and the weekend-course were held in, for us, new premises, Tingbergshallen, which was highly appreciated by the participants. The new participants got very good help from other devoted Zhineng Qigong practicians, but also the ones who have trained for some time got some corrections from very attentive beginners, something which was gratefully received.

There was a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere during the course, with a lot of "buzzing" during the pauses when we shared our experiences with one another. There were given occasions to support the beginners for further training and deeper understanding for "what a fantastic method this is", as someone expressed it.

EZQC holds organised training in Kungsbacka on Thursdays, which offers an excellent opportunity for the participants to further on take part of our Qi-field (see explanation under he articles) close to home. According to the participants themselves the evening-training will have a steady increase in participants every week from now.

Some voices from the course:

"I have, to my surprise, found out that I can breath from the nose for the first time in my life. I have always had very tight air passages and been given the opportunity to drill them, but I have declined up until now and at the moment I am pleased with that."

"After the first day I was surprisingly alert and therefore I started to clean my wardrobes when I came home. Some of the things I would usually have been forced to grab with two hands to lift higher than to the knees, I now could lift with just one hand and throw away. I felt very strong. Some of my old things (trash) had been lying about for ten years but I have had no strength or motivation to deal with it, but something happened with me during the training on Saturday."

"I have previously had problems with my wrists, bumps on my wrists, which have hurt a lot when I have worked in the laboratory. Since I took a course in Kungsbacka a year ago, I have practised the method twice a week and almost haven't felt any pain and the bumps have dramatically decreased."

"I have had a very stressful period in my life but still I have tried to do one Hold Qi Up or one La Qi every day, since I participated a course in Kungsbacka a year ago. This has made me more alert than ever this Spring, I usually feel very tired since I have allergies."

Practising Qigong in Kungsbacka


Kate Ohlsson