Hold Qi up Karlstad [2004-10-09]

The participants were very interested and talkative and learned the exercises fast. Several of the participants got a strong feeling of Qi and was inspired to practise more. The practising group in Karlstad will get several new participants from this course.

From the participants comments

"During the last training my mind felt very clear and calm."

"I have some problems with my shoulders and now it feels like I'm more supple. After the course on saturday I felt strangely energetic when I cooked and did some other things. I was energetic until late evening."

"I've practised for a while and can notice big differences, mainly mentally. I'm more energetic, happier and less prone to stress. I find it easier to see the big picture. I had to undergo acute surgery in my leg a few days ago and didn't think that I would be able to stand during the whole course. I was able to stand and I do not feel any pains in my leg."

Hold Qi up in Karlstad


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen