Hold Qi up Bergen [2004-09-04]

There were about thirty new participants on the Bergen Weekend Course in addition to those particpants who repeated the course, having previously joined Weekend Courses or Summer Courses. Among the new participants there were some who have tried Qigong of some kind before, but for all of them this was their first meeting with Zhineng Qigong and the Qi field.

Those who repeated the course have practised for various lengths of time but they have a main interest in common since they started practising ZQ and that is to join our Weekend Courses and other activities as often as possible in order to take part in our Qi field, speed up their results and improve their Gong fu.

On Sunday one participant who repeated the course told us that he had problems with his hip joints for a long time due to wear and tear, causing him pain during physical activity and weather changes. But now the pain was nearly non-existent and he has not felt this good in several years.

Another participant, one who has practised for a longer period time, told about what it was like for him when he joined his first course. He had great problems bending his knees and their flexibility was very poor and on account of that he had been on sick leave for the last two years. By the end of the course he was able to bend his knees properly, and so he had mastered the problem. In summing it up, he said: "What has been a problem for me during the last two years disappeared almost completely within 12 hours!" Nowadays he has no problems with his knees and he has also made further improvements.

Over all, people had a very positive impression of the course, the new participants were curious about what effects they can achieve through the training and this motivated them to join the organized Evening Training.


Patrik Rastija