Hold Qi up Nybro [2004-10-02]

European Zhineng Qigong Center arranges group training in both Nybro and Kalmar. Once per semester we give a basic course in one of the cities. This fall the course was given October 2-3 in Duvegården meeting hall in the beautiful community of Kristvalla. A total of 20 people participated in the course, many of which had participated in a basic course before. The experience of the participants repeating the course can have the positive effect of the beginners learning more quickly and understanding better.

Training at basic course Nybro 041002-03

From the participants own reports of the results from the course and training, the following can be selected:

"Zhineng Qigong has helped me recover from headache, psoriasis, stress, shoulder pain etc."

"I was diagnosed with "burnout", but now I'm back working full time again, which makes me very happy."

"The pain in my back, stomach and shoulders has diminished through my Zhineng Qigong training. The surgery I had scheduled to remove uterine myoma has been cancelled. The myoma had decreased by itself."

"I have been practicing Qigong for almost a year and the training has really helped me. My neck pain disappeared last spring and has not come back."

"I have problems with heart arrhythmia, but when I train regularly the problems disappear. The training has also given me a much better posture."

"I study music, the piano. A great test is to play after having practiced Qigong. The difference is great, I'm much more relaxed and can move my arms and fingers better."

"I'm recently retired and need something meaningful to do. Already after the first day I felt much more vigorous, I was alert and found it much easier to get up off the couch."


Lars Hagner