Hold Qi up Växjö [2004-09-18]

Half of the participants on the Växjö course were new and the majority of them were motivated by our more seasoned participants to join, either by noticing their obvious improvements or by listening to our participants talking about the much greater quality of life they have gained through Zhineng Qigong. The course had a warm and carefree atmosphere, with a lot of joy and fellowship.

In Växjö they practise together in the Tuesday evenings and on this weekend several of the new participants announced their wish to join the others and add to the group.

One of the participants had great problems with her neck, shoulders, back and hips when she came to the course, unable to bend and reach further down with her hands than just under knee level at the beginning. But already after lunch on Saturday she put her hands on her feet.

"My name is Eva and I came here with a bad back and a displaced shoulder. My shoulder and hip felt all lop-sided and my back was all numb. Something was wrong and I figure it's because I have been carrying too heavy things, and it's been like this for a few weeks. But during the arm movements on Saturday my shoulder was fixed and yesterday after the course my back was much better. Now it feels great, I'm in no pain at all and my hip feels quite alright. I think it was a very good course, as usual."

Some more opinions about the course

"I have been a periodic ZQ practitioner for several years and then I joined the Summer Course, and after that there was no turning back. I can't imagine life without ZQ practice."

"It's the second time I join a Weekend Course and I think it's great. I'm calmer and my body is more supple now. I intend to continue my training and usually I attend the Evening Training."

"It's the first time I joined the course and it was great fun. I view it as an investment because you need this. Most people I know, myself included, have displaced parts of their body, giving you problems with your joints, back and all sorts of things, and this course felt very comfortable. You get calm, and you need this kind of thing."

"I've made the ZQ training a habit of mine because it has helped me a lot, even though I didn't believe in it at the beginning. I work intensely in the Summer time and before I'd be all burnt out in the Autumn, but now I don't do that anymore. After a stressful Summer season on Öland it's good to join a Weekend Course like this one because you get very much energy afterward and your system gets cleansed etc. and I feel that I can get on with my holiday – or whatever I should call the six months of the Winter season – with a fresh supply of energy. Thanks!


Elisabeth Öberg