Hold Qi up Gothenburg [2004-09-25]

With its 62 participants the course was fully booked, with some travelling a long way, such as one participant who came from Karlstad to repeat the course and take part in the Qifield.

Practising Hold Qi up in Gothenburg

People join our courses for different reasons. One of the new participants joined us because he "wants to work with Qi". He also got a strong feeling of Qi early on Saturday when he did the exercise La Qi for the first time.

A musician, who has practised for some time, gives an example of increased ability: "Something happened yesterday, at a gig. We have this drummer in our band, who is very muscular and strong. I lifted up the loudspeaker for fun, with straight arms, and I managed to stand like that longer than he could. I could lift it up and still relax. They are pretty heavy, and he stood there, trembling. I just stood there, and it felt fine".

Others notice results on their serious diseases: "I suffer from a neurological disease. My sense of balance improves from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon, and I also become much more energetic – I've felt that on every Weekend Course".

The weekend had an atmosphere of calm and good-humour. The new participants followed the course with ease and they had fine support from those who are more experienced. Several new and more seasoned participants thought that the time passed quickly.

Correcting Hold Qi up


Max Björkström