Hold Qi up Stockholm [2004-09-11]

Picnic in allotment garden Stockholm's first basic course in Hold Qi Up this autumn took place September 11-12. The location was Eriksdalsskolan in Södermalm, beautifully located on the water front. Some 40 people attended the course, many for the first time. As always during our courses, the atmosphere was good, something which was also evident at lunch time, when many of the participants enjoyed a picnic in the allotment gardens close by.

The mix of repeating participants and beginners makes it possible for the first time participants to get a lot of help from those who have participated before.

The exercises that the students learn during a basic course, they are able to start practising immediately in order to impact their health in a positive way. But many participants get tangible results already during their first two-day course. As an example from this course, some participants improved the flexibility in their neck and shoulders and increased their inner calm.

Participants help eachother


Lars Hagner