Summer Course 1 HQU Kvänum [2004-06-28]

In spite of changing course place from the appreciated Hamburgsund to the more anonymous Kvänum we were happy to receive as many as 150 participants. Besides from Sweden, Norway and Finland, countries from where most our course participants come, we also had participants from the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. Since our nine days courses are taught in English and translated into Swedish it is easy for everybody to understand.

As usual, besides the solid training, Su Dongyue's lectures gave the strongest impression. He emphasized especially the importance to study facts, all from our own experiences to basic medical research, with the purpose to build up our confidence and thereby increase the motivation. practising on our own during the rest of the year is the toughest. It requires a stronger will, something that Su Dongyue helped us to raise during the course.

Outdoor training in Kvänum

Before such a big course, where you lodge and live together with many others, some of the participants feel uncertain and maybe worried about how they would manage. This year as well as earlier years, it was remarkable how much unnecessary worried feelings actually existed. Things always seem to solve better than expected. In the strong common Qi-field that exists in all our courses, especially during our summer courses, you can manage more than you can expect. In the course evaluation sheet you clearly can read how well everything has worked out, even those things that initially caused worry.

During the half leisure day a much appreciated tour was arranged to Läckö castle. The cabarét in the evening was probably the very best that has been arranged in any of our summer courses. Amateurs and professionals in a blessed mixture, all performed to give love and joy to the audience.

Why have we got so many participants in our summer courses? Why are so many repeating from year to year? One reason is of course the possibility to take part in Su Dongyue's wisdom and experience directly, not via students of students of students. Another reason is that you get on very well and get well taken care of. Last but not least it depends on the results of 9 days group training is so obvious, in many cases pure astonishing. Below in the statistics and also under section "Personal stories" you can have a shortcut from the large volume of good results. The diagram below shows in percent how many of the participants who reported problems before course that got improvements during the course.

Staples shows in percent how many participants that experienced improvements during the course

Participant’s comments

"My feet that always have been cold have stared to boil."

"My right wrist that has been broken has become more flexible and easy to move."

"I have stopped using sleeping pills during the course, something that I have not been able to do before. The feeling of inner harmony and calmness is very obvious after all Qigong training."

"Wonderful communion with good and kind people, leaders as well as participants."

"Tensions have been reduced."

"I feel more alert than before."

"I do not have any words for my gratefulness. I have not noticed any irritation at any time, just the nice feeling."

"My heart beat and pulse is now 60-70/min, earlier 90-100/min."

"I have got rid of my allergy that I have suffered from during 10 years."

"I came here convinced that nobody or nothing could make me raise my right arm that gave me so much pains. But now I practise here like everybody else, without any pains!"

"I have had so much stress since I was a teenager and also pain in my muscles. Now I have practised for some years. Yesterday I was completely free from pain, my mind calm, quite new to me. "

Group picture


Su Dongyue