Summer Course 2 HQU Kvänum [2004-07-07]

Summer courses in level 2 are for those who have already participated in a summer course since before. It is getting more usual that participants ,even those who have not joined any summer courses before, participates in both level 1 and 2 to get 18 days back to back. This year many continued from level 1 to level 2, but there were also participants who came directly to join level 2.

The participants experienced the atmosphere as very positive. Everybody wanted to help others, and that felt very good. Kvänum is a calm little town and this helped the participants concentrate on the training. Even if most of the training took place indoor, we managed to do some outdoor training (that was much appreciated) and then Kvänum's exellent lawns suited us fine. An important part of the course was also the lectures and questions and answers with Su Donyue.

The dancing group 'BAM' during bellydance Every year in the summer course we have a cabaret (one per course). The atmosphere is very positive and happy in these shows where participants are responsible for the entertainment. They show both talent and joy when they perform with singing, music, dancing, and funny sketches. This year the cabaret got an additional thrill thanks to the grand piano that was at school. We also got a chance to experience bellydance.

Noteworthy is that the quality of the Qi-field has improved from year to year. The training quality has improved and the good results come more often, even for the participants who have been training for some time. The diagram below shows in percent how many of the participants who reported problems before course that got improvements during the course.

The diagram shows the percentage of the participants that experienced improvements

Participant’s comments

"To do belly dance is fun, but I could definitely not have done it before the summer courses!"

"After practising Qigong during 14 months, I have had sight improvements, from -5 diopter to -3,5 on both eyes."

"I feel much calmer, more relaxed, full of energy and I have got a new body."

"I feel safer now socially and in myself after all I have been through this last year, stroke, step family problems, divorce and moving to a new apartment."

"I am more stable, have a better posture and can control my body, especially my hands, much better than before. My body is softer and it is easier for me to relax."

"After 17 years I can bend my injured knee! It is fantastic!"

"My right leg was partly paralysed when the course started, but not anymore. When it rained I ran between the houses – something I have not been able to do in 14 years!"

"I'm blind but my vision has improved a little. I can start to see colors and shapes at close range, as through a fog. According to people around me my eyes has got more life than before."

"The progress that I made is mental, I feel clearer in my head."

"I have not had any migraine during course number 2. Incredible! I also have a lot of problems with my jaws, but I have slept well during the whole course without any problems and my jaws feel relaxed!"

"My shoulder has step by step been getting better, more flexible, and the pains are almost gone."

"My asthma is a lot better. I can bend my body without getting serious breathing difficulties. I'm happier - the depression is better when I feel good."

"My head is much clearer. Before it felt like looking through muddy water, now it is like looking through clear water. A very nice feeling."

"I suffer from food allergy but for the first time I have eaten the same food as everybody else in the dining hall, and this during all 18 days!"


Su Dongyue