Hold Qi up Nybro [2003-11-22]

Nybro Comune, like other big employers have problems with many persons on the sick list. The cost for the comune and the society is high every year. As a way to reduce the sick list, Nubro Commune allows 12 persons at a reduced cost to learn Zhineng Qigong at a basic course in Nybro 22 - 23 November 2003. The activity will sucessively be evaluated and if results are good the commune can well continue and have more employees participate.

Almost 30 persons participated in the course. Traning intensity and the positive intension was obvious. Even if some movements was experienced as a little bit tough, they went on convinced that it was possible to improve their health through training. All participants intended to continue to practise after the course at home and also in a group once a week in the evening in Nybro.

Comments from the participants

From the comments after the course we can mention: "I managed to do much more than I had expected", "I feel more calm and at the same time more alert" and "strange, the pain in my shoulder that I have had gymnastic treatment and been put on the sick list for seems to have disappeared". Another participant who earlier had practised two other Qigong forms said spontaneously: "This really felt differently. I felt a strong flow through the body."


Lars Hagner